Scarf 2 is for young people from Year 11 upwards, ie: age 15/16 to 25 years.  We run regular activities for this group, usually during the school holidays, with the aim of offering fun and social activities for young people to take part in, supported by Scarf support workers.  Activities are varied – some of the things we've done in the past include skittles nights, pizza making parties, visits to Snowtrax for the ringos, canoeing on the Beaulieu River and a trip on the Forest Bus, stopping off for a pizza!

Who we support

At our Scarf 2 activities, where support workers are present, we strive to include everyone and our aim is that parents/carers do not need to stay for these activities. 

However, there may be times when we cannot meet a member’s needs without support from the parent/carer.  At present Scarf staff are not able to assist with lifting and intimate personal care needs – if a child/young person is likely to have needs in these areas during one of our clubs a parent/carer would need to stay on site and they would be responsible to support the child/young person’s needs during the activity.

Children/young people requiring extra support with their behaviour may not be able to attend all activities operated by Scarf.  Whilst Scarf support children and young adults with additional needs we also must consider the safety, health and wellbeing of all in the group including our support team.  For that reason, any acts of violence, aggression or abuse will not be tolerated.  Scarf will work with the support team and parents to understand the actions that lead to any incident and will decide whether Scarf can continue to support the individuals involved.

Please do contact a member of the Scarf team or Committee if you have any queries regarding the support needs of your child/young person.

Scarf 2 May Half Term
After the success of this activity last year, we taking another trip out with Wetwheels for a blast out on the Solent! Everyone will get a chance to have a go at some high-speed driving. Followed by lunch at the marina. Space for 8 young people.

Scarf 2 is for young people from Year 11 upwards, ie: age 15/16 to 25 years.

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